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If you do not personally collect your documents at the Consular Office (Vikdalsgränd 10A, Nacka 131 51, Sverige) and want the Embassy to resend your passport/other documents to you, it can be arranged through  the services of the PostNord postal operator.

To do this, you should order and print out your waybill (frakthandling), attach it to a C4-C5 size envelope, and then bring/send your return envelope together with your visa application. For a secure and traceable shipment, we strongly recommend you to select Registered Service (REK).

Please, indicate in your waybill as Sender (Avsändare) – Republiken Belarus Ambassad, Vikdalsgränd 10A, 131 51 Nacka; as Receiver (Mottagare) – address where you want your documents to be sent.

If you have been requested by the Embassy to send in your waybill by e-mail, please forward it as a PDF document with returning correspondence.

Purchase your return waybill only from the PostNord website. If you purchase your waybill over the counter from a PostNord representative, it will be activated at the time of purchase and cannot be used by us.

You can choose any of the delivery services as well, for example, UPS, TNT, DHL, etc. The order and payment for the delivery are handled by the applicant.


The Embassy does not take responsibility for compliance with the delivery time of documents and receipt by an addressee. On these issues, you should contact the respective delivery services. Documents not complying with requirements (not duly completed application form, absence of passport / photo / supporting documents, etc.) will be forwarded back to the sender without consideration. The Embassy reserves the right to invite an applicant for an in-person interview.

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